Who We Are

Gettysburg Eddie’s is named after Edward Plank, a baseball player born in Gettysburg on August 31, 1875, and died in Gettysburg on February 24, 1926. He never played baseball until he was 17, when a neighbor organized a team. Eddie was a lefthanded pitch who threw a natural cross-fire motion he called a “slant ball,” landing his right leg on the first base side of the pitcher’s mound and then throwing across his body. This off-balance throwing method usually resulted in a pitcher being wild, but not Eddie; he became perhaps the “greatest cross-fire control pitcher” in history. Eddie pitched for the town teams and at the age of 22, enrolled at the Gettysburg Academy, a prep school in Gettysburg, PA.

Today, we remember Eddie and his love of baseball with the name Gettysburg Eddie’s, the area’s premiere sports bar!